Flo Dawgs - Time Is Money CDs


The Flo Dawgs (Harrass, Fiaskko, Ace Major, Shorty Roc & DJ Cree) of The Royal Family hit the streets with their debut underground album. This CD is produced by DJ Cree and Shorty Roc.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Whip Game
3. I'm Out Dat
4. Show U How To Get It
5. M.O.E.
6. 4 U I Grind
7. Half On A Bottle
8. I'm So Fly
9. Tramp Stamp
10. Cruisin' Thru My City
11. We Got This
12. Keep It Movin' (feat. T-Rock & Yung Hazardus)
13. 100 Proof
14. All I Know
15. She A Dime
16. In Da A
17. Whatcha Thank?
18. Gettin' 2 Da Money