Rock Solid Royal Family - Underground Vol. 2 CDs


This is the second installment of the Rock Solid Royal Family Underground series. This album features new tracks with Area 51, Flo Dawgs, Infra-Red, L-Dog, Scrilla Man, Reek, CP, Odd-1, Drop Hittz, C-Mob, Boss Bytch, Mr. Sche, Koopsta Knicca, J-Green, Slikk, B-Dub and more.

Track Listing

1. Infra-Red, T-Rock, Scrilla Man, L-Dog – In Da Streetz
2. Lord Infamous, T-Rock, II Tone, Scrilla Man, Suga, Mac Montese – Workin
3. Reek feat. CP – I Juug
4. Odd-1 feat. T-Rock – Pop Tags
5. Young Dub – Know What 2 Say
6. Boss Bytch, Mr. Sche, T-Rock, Koopsta Knicca – Losin My Mind
7. B-Dub feat. J-Green – Nyquil & Orange Joose
8. T-Rock & Slikk – Bullet Wit Yo Name On It Pt. 3
9. T-Rock – Pushin
10. Flo Dawgs – Where Would You Be?
11. T-Rock, CP, Scrilla Man – It Is What It Is
12. Area 51 feat. C-Mob – Don’t Make Me None
13. Lord Infamous, II Tone, T-Rock – Niggas Like You
14. Drop Hittz feat. Young Dub – Took Yo Place
15. T-Rock – Can Ya Dig Me
16. Odd-1 – This Rappin