T-Rock & RSM - New Blood CDs


New Blood by T-Rock and RSM features tracks with T-Rock, Mr. Sche, Smoke Corleone, Kehoa York, Lil Witness, Rem Steele, Reek, C-Nip GunSmith (R.I.P.) and more!

Track Listing

1. T-Rock - Salute
2. Smoke Corleone - The Gunline (feat. T-Rock, Haveknotz, Reek and Merciles)
3. Reek - Been Had (feat. T-Rock)
4. Rem Steele - Inhale and Pause (feat. T-Rock)
5. Smoke Corleone - Shed Some Blood (feat. Lil Witness and B-Free)
6. Lil Tec - Another Day (feat. Mr. Sche)
7. Kehoa York - Gotta Go (feat. T-Rock and Smoke Corleone)
8. T-Rock - Work In My Hand (feat. Odd 1)
9. T-Rock - 808 (feat. Smoke Corleone)
10. C-Nip Shout Out
11. C-Nip - Sh*t Jus Got Real (feat. Smoke Corleone)
12. Rem Steele - A Peace of Mind
13. What’s To Come