T-Rock - Rock Solid 2003 Vol. 1 CDs


This is the re-release of T-Rock's underground album, Rock Solid 2003 Vol. 1. Features a previously unreleased bonus track.

Track Listing

1. Head Doctor
2. It Is What It Is
3. Get ****ed Up (Do It to Em)
4. Only a Test
5. Celebrate
6. Countdown
7. Give It to Em (feat. Unseen)
8. Gettin Blowed
9. Tales from Da Darkside (feat. Unseen)
10. Military Minds (feat. Tyrone, Devilish Macs & Adonis The Certified Specialist)
11. Inhale Exhale (feat. Scrooge, Ghetto Pros, Tyrone & Tootie)
12. Duke It Out 2003 (feat. Adonis The Certified Specialist & Scrooge)
13. Dro to the Sky (feat. Reggie Hargis)