T-Rock - War Against The Machine CDs


New 3 disc release from T-Rock! Album produced by Mossberg 808 with additional production from Mr. Maceo and Mr. Sche. War Against The Machine features Mr. Sche, Boss Game and Dark Cappa.

Track Listing

Disc 1

1. Money Man
2. Bodies
3. Understand Me
4. Racked Up (Remix)
5. Give A Fuck
6. Hella Sauce
7. King Shit (Remix) feat. Boss Game
8. Run It Up
9. Tip Drill
10. Billionaire Today
11. No Mo feat. Mafi

Disc 2

12. Cheeze & Dope
13. Pronto
14. Racked Up (Original)
15. For The Bag
16. Growed Up
17. War Against The Machine feat. Mr. Sche
18. Back Seat feat. Dark Cappa
19. Yo Mind
20. King Shit (Original) feat. Boss Game
21. Don't You Worry Bout It
22. Check

Disc 3

A collection of music videos from T-Rock.