Kingpin Skinny Pimp x Dark Cappa x Lil Gin - In the Streets CDs


Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Dark Cappa and Lil Gin team up for In The Streets. Exclusively produced by Mossberg808, In The Streets features M.C. Mack, Scan Man, T-Rock, Geno, Gangsta Boo and Kano. This release also includes a track produced by DJ Cree.

Track Listing

1. Dripp'd Up
2. Seek and Destroy (feat. M.C. Mack)
3. In the Streets
4. Come Up Out It (feat. Scan Man)
5. Get It
6. Goons and Shooters (feat. T-Rock)
7. Grind (feat. Geno)
8. Dont Get Whooped (feat. Gangsta Boo)
9. Run It Up
10. Hizzerb (feat. T-Rock and Kano)
11. Hand On My Gun
12. When We Ride
13. Talkin Shit
14. Long Ago (feat. Geno)
15. Dont Get Us Started (feat. T-Rock)