Dark Cappa - Smoke Sessions (The Mixtape) CDs


Smoke Sessions (The Mixtape) by Dark Cappa.

Track Listing

1. Take Notes (feat. Konsious Kris)
2. K-Rock Intro
3. What We Want To (feat. K-Rock)
4. Birds Fly High (feat. C-Low-G)
5. What's Poppin' Remix (feat. Konsious Kris)
6. Collect Calls (feat. Flex A Million)
7. Dont Like You Either
8. Gettin' Dummy (feat. J-Bo and Rollie of Twisted Spadez)
9. P and A (feat. M.C. Mack)
10. 6 Foot Remix
11. Caution (feat. Fullers Back & IAMNUTZO)