T-Rock - War Wounds: The Burning Book, Ch. I CDs


T-Rock has appeared on numerous gold and platinum albums, ranging from Three 6 Mafia, to Project Pat, to Gangsta Boo. His first solo album was released in 2003, and since then he has released several underground classics that have sold over 100,000 copies with barely any promotion or radio play. This new release will have a big publicity push behind it, starting with the first single “Doin' It.”

Track Listing

1. As A Youngsta
2. Feel Free
3. The Burning Book
4. Doin’ It
5. Double Up (feat. Big Floaty & Yung Hazardus of Area 51)
6. Chief Chief Chief
7. Let’s Go
8. Same Thing (feat. Slikk of Area 51, C-Mob and Nyjai)
9. Do The Fool
10. Be Fo Real (feat. KB Da Kidnappa)
11. Gone Hurt’em (feat. Infra-Red of Area 51)
12. Crazy Things
13. Superthrowed (feat. Yung Hazardus of Area 51)
14. U Must Ain’t Heard (feat. Reek of Area 51 and Flo Dawgs)
15. Love Changes
16. Dey Ain’t Told Ya
17. Heaven Cries (feat. Pastor Nathaniel Bronner)