Infra-Red - Aimed & Cocked CDs


Track Listing

1. T-Rock Speaks (Intro)
2. Infrared
3. Aimed and Cocked
4. Git It Started (feat. T-Rock)
5. I Know Some Killaz
6. Pimpin Ain’t Dead
7. In Da Streetz (feat. T-Rock, Scrilla Man and L-Dog)
8. I Gotz No Love (Foul Ni**as)
9. Killaz Round Me (feat. T-Rock, Scrilla Man and Red Knight)
10. Whatcha Tongue Like (feat. T-Rock and Adonis)
11. Hustla
12. Beat It Like Ya Want To
13. Green Mile (feat. Boss Game and Southside Slimm)
14. Rider feat. (T-Rock and Boss Game)
15. We Livin It (feat. Rock Solid Royal Family – T-Rock, Flo Dawgs, Area 51, Slikk, Dyme Deville, Scrilla Man and Grip)
16. T-Rock Speaks (Outro)
17. Get It Wet Girl (Bonus Track)