Odd-1 - Armageddon Vol. 2 CDs


T-Rock presents Armageddon Vol. 2, the sophomore release from Area 51 founding member Odd-1. Armageddon Vol. 2 features appearances from T-Rock, Scrilla Man and Red Knight. This release also features production from DJ Cree.

Track Listing

1. Rebel Muzik
2. I Know and U Know
3. Pop Tags (feat. T-Rock)
4. Grindaholic
5. Like Odd
6. Life's Terms
7. This Rappin
8. How We Ball
9. Bachelor Life
10. Insomnia (feat. T-Rock)
11. We Can Do Dat (feat. Scrilla Man)
12. Don't Be Deceived (feat. Red Knight)
13. Outro